ほいくのいす Kids chair #2(hoikunoisu)
ほいくのいす Kids chair #2(hoikunoisu)
ほいくのいす Kids chair #2(hoikunoisu)
ほいくのいす Kids chair #2(hoikunoisu)
ほいくのいす Kids chair #2(hoikunoisu)
ほいくのいす Kids chair #2(hoikunoisu)
ほいくのいす Kids chair #2(hoikunoisu)
ほいくのいす Kids chair #2(hoikunoisu)
ほいくのいす Kids chair #2(hoikunoisu)

ほいくのいす Kids chair #2(hoikunoisu)

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w320 d300 w300 sh170 1.8kg

レザークッション @9,900(税込)

「I don't know why the children take such good care of it.」
This word is what the director of a nursery school said when she used our this chair.

This is a custom-made chair for children made by professionals in the field of child-rearing, after listening to the voices of child-rearing professionals and studying the shape of the chair to satisfy children's posture, eating style, play style, and safety.

The chair is made of beech wood from Tohoku.
The design and processing methods are designed to accommodate the various movements of infants.
A lot of know-how has been condensed into this small chair.
It has armrests that can be held by small hands and is stackable.

Each chair is cut from a log of Japanese beech wood, so no two chairs are the same.
The color and gloss of the chair will change as it continues to be used, depending on the environment in which it is used.
We hope that you will enjoy using this chair while looking at the grain of the wood on the seat and legs and how it changes over time.

It will be delivered with a card indicating the age of the tree and its place of origin.
How about giving the blessings of forests to your children and grandchildren, or as a baby shower gift to your loved ones?
This product has been introduced in the Nikkan Itoi Shinbun.
The height of the seat is based on the height of a one-year-old child.
It is designed for children who are too young to sit on their own, and whose feet should be able to touch the floor properly, so it is suitable for use between the ages of 1 and 4.
After that, as the child grows, the knees rise when sitting, but the width of the hips does not change as much as the height of the child, so the child can continue to sit up to preschool age.

w320 d300 w300 sh170 1.8kg
Material: Beech
Finish: Olio 2 paint (urethane oil)

Leather cushion @9,900 (tax included)
Material: Vinyl leather

In order to prevent scratches and damages during shipping, the chair is wrapped in non-woven cloth and sent in a box made of wood.
Please note that the leather cushions shown in the picture are sold separately.
If you purchase a leather cushion along with the chair, we will deliver it together with the chair, so there is no "secure packaging" cost for the leather cushion.